About Me

Hi, I am Keshav 👋

22-year-old immigrant, dropout, former founder, & aspiring standup comedian.

I'm currently a Technical Product Manager at Webflow. Prior to joining Webflow, I started my first startup, Homeroom, which is the OkCupid + Slack for students & Mixpanel for professors.

I love building products driven by behavioral economics, design thinking, bleeding-edge technology, gamification, and a lot of bad humor.

I love meeting people! If you're in SF (or the Bay), send me a DM & let's grab coffee (first Mocha on me) ☕️


Get to know me

I design, code, and product.

I am a UI/UX designer and full-stack JavaScript engineer (heavily focused on React & Express), working as a Product Manager!

I am a basketball enthusiast.

I grew up watching Kobe & the Lakers! I play basketball for fun and I love the Kobe's mamba mentality.

I love listening to classical music.

I'm young, yet old school! I am a huge Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, & Schubert fan! I also play the piano & the guitar.

I write Shakespearean sonnets.

I write Shakespearean sonnets in iambic pentameter. It makes me feel clever and artistic at times.

I am an amateur cook.

Cooking makes me feel relaxed and distresses me from all the things going on. I love cooking butter chicken and Italian.

I love learning about astronomy.

Astronomy brings perspective to my life. My problems feel insignificant in the vastness of the universe!

I typically read nonfiction books.

I love reading physical books, anything from startups & business to medicine & biology to psychology & economics.

I'm a bit of a lyricist & a rapper.

I may not be magical with my words on spot, but I love writing lyrics and rapping about things. I once wrote a rap about black holes.