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Keshav! Currently founder of a seed-stage startup.

Formerly Product at Webflow / Based in NYC

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My background

I self-taught myself English when my family immigrated to the U.S. when I was 11. After studying CS for 3 years, I dropped out to found my first startup in EdTech that created interactive & data-driven classrooms. I led the end-to-end product experience, including design, engineering, growth, and sales. 

Previously, I joined Webflow's early product team as their first Technical Product Manager, where I led infra and consumer teams that enabled anyone to easily build on the web.

Outside of work, I love to play basketball 🏀, write Shakespearean sonnets ✍️, read about neuroscience 🧠, watch crime shows 📺, play the piano 🎹, and drink a good cup of coffee. ☕ Currently living in NYC! 🍎


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