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Building something new, formerly Product Manager at Webflow.

Say Hi to me!

👋 Hi, I am Keshav!

Currently building something new with my friend @JonathanZWhite. Excited to share what it is soon!

I immigrated to the U.S. when I was 11 and grew up supporting my parents, who worked at a gas station earning minimum wage jobs. After 3 years at college studying Computer Science, I dropped out to solo-found Homeroom to bridge the communication gap between students & teachers in classrooms. I managed the entire end-to-end product experience, from design, engineering, growth, and sales.

Most recently, I was part of Webflow's early product team. As their first TPM, I kicked off key infrastructure initiatives and led features that enabled non-technical designers to build layouts and design responsive sites on the web.

Things I've built.

Here are some of the things I've built in the past, from small projects to my first startup.


Homeroom, my first startup, designed to build data-driven & connected classrooms.

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Symphosis a knowledge-curation tool to allow users to share resources with others.

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Webbmarks is a tool to help you save, search, and share your bookmarks, intuitively!

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Notellica, my first app, is a note-taking app, built for efficiency and smart organization.

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