Hi, I am Keshav

22-year-old immigrant, dropout, former founder & aspiring standup comedian.

I'm currently a Product Manager at Webflow. Before that, I ran my first startup, Homeroom, to increase student engagement & retention by creating data-driven and connected classrooms. A PM by day, codemonkey by night, designer at heart with bad humor all the time. I love tinkering with ideas and bringing them to life.

If you're based on San Francisco or the Bay area, send me a DM on Twitter and let's grab coffee.

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Sharing my thoughts & ideas about product, startups, life, & philosophy

Things I've built & designed

Shooters shoot and builders build — see my tinkering skills in action!

Live Projects


Social bookmarking

Webbmarks is a tool that helps you organize billions of your bookmarks for easy lookup.

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My friends use this

Planettica is a productivity app based on research to boost productivity.

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My first startup

Homeroom is an EdTech platform designed to build a data-driven & connected classrooms.

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Featured on Product Hunt

Symphosis gives users the power to share resources with others to find the best things on the web.

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Me and my thoughts

Qhought is a play on words which comes from the fusion between quote and thought.

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My first app ever

Notellica is a note taking app, designed for efficiency, usability, and smart organization.

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Let's connect.

If you're based in San Francisco or the South bay, let's grab coffee & chat. If you're anywhere in the world, let's get on call & chat.


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